im Sorry but you two cant get the marriage. the bible said Adam and Eve not matthew and ashley. come back when youve legally changed your names


Power is Inside of MeARTIST


Power is Inside of Me


if you hug me, you aren’t allowed to half ass it. i don’t want that awkward one arm bullshit. I want 100% squeezy, warm, cozy, i-fuckin-mean-it hugs and any less is an indication of WEAKNESS


either i

  • dont have enough followers to get hate

or i

  • am perfect and therefore yall dont have anything to complain about


buying clothes that aren’t black is hard


why do people act like its some sort of insurmountable challenge to never be offensive like ‘ahhh fuck///.. accidentally called someone 16 slurs again… fuck this is hard/… dont hurt me social justice… ahhh


when someone u know irl follows u



i really hate it when people say you shouldn’t use the computer or watch tv before going to bed and instead you should read a book because you need winding down time or you won’t sleep. ha ha good one do you know what happens if i start a book before bed?! i end up fucking finishing it that’s what


white feminists love to complain about how much hip-hop objectifies women but I don’t hear them say anything about how grossly sexist modern punk is tho????it is a mystery

gn friends i love you all so much i hope someone cute hugged you today 

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Where’s my money?

ERIK NO: an autobiography by charles francis xavier

Steve Rogers in the Movie Theater | Pre-Serum & Post-Serum